Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Canadian Real Estate Investment Opportunity

If you are Canadian and you are looking for a good real estate investment in these troubled times then CBI Group has what you are looking for. We currently have two open projects. The Keystone Business Park and the Arizona Acquisition Fund. Both investments are RSP eligible and pay a fixed bond of 30% over a 5 year term, plus 50-60% profit sharing at the end of each project. CBI Group is owned and operated by Ron and Travis Cadman who have excellent reputations in Canada with over 23yrs of real estate experience, and they are regular speakers in the media regarding real estate. If you would like to learn more about our projects please send me an email requesting info to bcreeze at live dot ca. I will email you information from my corporate email account.


Tony Heywood said...

This is a great blog. I wish someone would start something similar in England for cool tips like these.

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Erik said...

Thanks a lot. I'm a Canadian but now in Denmark. Still I can make use of the site? If so that would be great.

Laura said...

Nice Blog! It's nice to hear news of opportunities from many different blogs. I've been looking into many business professionals who deal with investments such as Matthew Roszak
and I've found some great info. I'll be back to this blog again for sure! Thanks again.

CM said...


Now the CBI group is not paying the interest on the PIC

Kirstz said...

Nice blog and information. I have a lot of relatives in Canada and I think they are looking for what will be a good real estate investment for them there. This info can be a big help for them. Thanks.

Kirstz @ peza zones

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